Intervals are the devil and grocery trip from hell

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Last night I had my first bit of speed work on the schedule and boy, do I hate speed work, but I wasn't about to skip only my second run of training. (My shoes managed to dry out during the day. It was combo of shoving paper inside them and then giving them a quick blast with the hair dryer when I got home from work.)

Since I teach yoga at 7 p.m. on Tuesdays, my plan was intervals on the treadmill so I could jump right off and go teach class.

I'm bad at coming up with my own speed work plans so I took some speed work suggestions from the SmartCoach plan thingy on Runner's World and last night called for 2 x 1600 at 9:36 with 800 jogs in between.

Unfortunately, the treadmill didn't have a speed setting for 9:36 miles, so I went with 9:31. Did my warm up mile, chugged through the first 1600 and then hopped to the sides of the treadmill to grabbed some water before jogging my 800.

I thought the second 1600 was going to kill me. Seriously people, I'm not fast and apparently I suck at trying to run fast. It was painful, it was not fun, but somehow I managed to get it done.

Yoga after that torture felt awesome.

In other quick news, I had a disasterous experience at Safeway this morning. I never grocery shop at Safeway. I hate it. A lot. But it was the only grocery store locally that carries Oikos yogurt and since the awesome Kristinia was nice enough to hook me up with coupons to review it, I figured I'd better schlep my butt out to Safeway to pick some up.

While I was there I decided to grab a few other staples, like cottage cheese and hummus. Yea...they didn't have the kind I eat. They had little to no cottage cheese selection of the single serving packs and only the huge party size hummus tubs or the teeny tiny, why do they even bother to make this size, hummus containers.

I was really, really disappointed in the lack of selection.

Overall, I have yet to find a grocery store in Maryland that I truly love. I go to Giant because I can walk to it and they have pretty good selection, but nothing like the Giant back home in PA. (Owned by different companies).

OK, end grocery store rant. I am really really excited to try the Oikos Greek yogurt, and I'm definitely not going to let me crappy Safeway experience taint my review.

On tap for tonight, yoga for sure. Maybe Jillian, my legs are still pretty dead from speedwork, so I'll have to see.

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  1. I'm SO with you, I HATE speed work with a passion!!! I really want to improve my time in my next half in 1.5 months though so I guess I'm just gonna have to suck it up and do it. My hamstrings are *always* sore the next day though.

    I hate Safeway too. I find it really overpriced!

  2. I think this is what they mean when they talk about dealing with the devil. Unfortunately, you can't get faster by going slower. But 1600s? Ick. I thought 800s were bad.

  3. i've got to do treadmill intervals tonight. supposed to be 10 x 400, sounds like a recipe for disaster. i'll take fast miles anyday.

  4. Hahahaha! Sister, you are so cute! You called that a rant? You didn't threaten to kick Safeway in its Corporate N*ts@ck even once!

    That wasn't a rant - it barely qualifies as a hissy fit! (Actually, it doesn't.)

    But ... good job on that speedwork, sister!

  5. Intervals are awful, but so worth it. It's the whole love/hate relationship. I'm not looking forward to that part of my new training plan. I keep avoiding it for that very reason.

  6. i despise intervals. ick!

  7. Whole Foods and Trader Joe's!!!

  8. Um, Safeway is my favorite grocery store near my house. Funny. Sorry it sucks for you!

  9. Isn't there a Wegmans outside of Baltimore? If you've never been to one you should! Even if you have to make a special trip. Its like whole foods but 10 times better.

  10. Speed sessions are no fun but nice job on your first go around. I always feel like I'm going to die during them. so painful...

    I have yet to find the perfect grocery store too!

  11. speed work isnt fun but finishing it is!! great job girl :)

  12. To run faster you got to train faster! Well done!!! LOL @ Glavine... yea, give us some juicy stuff!

  13. the post-workout runner's high is pretty worth the pain of the speed work :) great job!

    good luck finding a better food store. i hate going so i'm always moody when i have to go, lol.


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