Friday, February 03, 2012

Ultimate Spectator Plan for the Rock N Roll USA Marathon

The Rock N Roll USA Marathon released its course map today and since I have several friends running this race, I spent the evening putting together an awesome spectator plan.

My goal with this plan was to make sure I could see my friends in as many places as possible.

Assuming the metro cooperates this plan lets me see them at five spots on the course and again at the finish line.

I thought I'd share my awesome spectator plan in case anyone else is looking for an easy way to see your runners at a lot of different places.

Jess' Ultimate Spectator Plan for the Rock N Roll USA Marathon:

Cheer Point #1: Farragut West Metro Station between miles 5 and 6

From there walk to Farragut North Metro Station. Take the Red line in the direction of Glenmont. Metro to Union Station, walk quickly to cheer point #2 (about a 15 minute walk)

Cheer Point #2: Intersection of K and North Capitol Sts. NW between miles 10 and 11

Walk back to Union Station very, very fast (again about a 15 minute walk)

Optional Cheer Point #1: Union Station near mile 14 (This will depend on if the metro is majorly delayed and how fast the runners are going. If there are major delays on metro or your runners are moving fast, skip this cheer point and immediately move to either optional cheer point #2 or cheer point #3)

Take the Red line in the direction of Shady Grove from Union Station to Gallery Place. Switch to Green line in the direction of Branch Avenue. Metro to Waterfront- SEU. Walk to either Optional Cheer Point #2 (5 min walk) or Cheer Point #3 (10 min walk)

Optional Cheer Point #2: M and Maine Sts. SW. between miles 16 and 17 (This again depends on how fast the runners are going and how fast metro is going. If there's time for this cheer point, simply walk very quickly from here to cheer point three - 15 min walk)

Cheer Point #3: M and Sout Capitol Sts SE near mile 19

Walk to Waterfront-SEU metro station (10 min walk) or Navy Yard metro station (5 min walk). Take Green line in the direction of Greenbelt to L'Enfant Plaza. Transfer to Orange or Blue lines in the direction of New Carrollton or Largo to Stadium Armory. Walk to finish line. (15 min walk)

And just like that you will have had a chance to see your runners at a lot of different places and get back to the finish line in time to meet up with them.

If you're running the Rock N Roll USA Marathon or Half Marathon feel free to share this spectating plan with your friends and family. Trust me, they'll appreciate not having to put their own plan together.

And if you're running keep an eye out for me. I'll be at all the places listed here (except maybe the optional ones, though I'm going to try), and I'll be bringing back the "You Run Better Than Metro" sign that was such a hit at the Marine Corp Marathon!


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