Tuesday, March 02, 2010

My First (Unintentional) Brick

Last night's workout ended up being a lot of fun, even if it wasn't exactly what my training plan called for.

I had four miles scheduled and was so happy when I cruised through the first one on the treadmill with minimal hip issues, but around mile 1.5 things started to get crappy.

Instead of pushing through it, I paused the treadmill, and hopped on one of the bikes at the gym. I rode really hard trying to keep my heart pumping. I did 6 miles in about 20:15. Bikers out there, how is that for time and distance?

After getting off the bike, I walked backed to the treadmill, saw it was still paused and decided to finish my workout off with an extra 10 minutes of running.

Holy crap, now I know why it's called a brick. My legs felt like lead, but kind of in a good way....yea that's just weird.

Anyway, my whole workout looked like this: 20 minute run, 20 minute bike, 10 minute run, for a total of 3 miles run and 6 miles biked.

A solid Monday of training in the books.

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Carolina John said...

yep, that's a brick allright. 6 miles in 20 mins is pretty decent. that's 18 mph. and as long as you go between 15 and 20 mph it's considered a good hard fast ride. so good job!

running off of the bike (when i haven't done it in a while) always feels like i'm running on tree stumps instead of legs. it's so funny! but once you do it a few times it starts to feel normal. that's just your hip flexors opening up again after being compressed on the bike. it's actually a good thing for your hip problems.

RockStarTri said...

That is a solid day of training! I've always found that using time on a stationary bike is more relevant than distance since the resistance can vary so much. I like to do 5-10 minutes of warmup (easy), whatever is the goal of the bike workout (normally harder), then 5 minutes of cool down (again easy).

Lisa said...

running of the bike is a very interesting feeling indeed. Good workout!

Wes said...

nice workout, chica!! keep that hip under control!!

Melissa said...

Awesome!! I really need to start doing some bike work.

lindsay said...

ooh jello legs! running after biking is tough. i think though that a 'brick' can be any two workouts back-to-back? i'm no triathlete though... nicely done!

Marathon Maritza said...

Nice! Bricks are supposed to be awesome for running muscles too, so well done on doubling it up!

Jamie said...

Awesome job on the brick! I always have the best intentions of trying it but never have.

Jonathan Rubin said...

Man, when I read your headline I thought you were playing some really crummy basketball :) Thanks for the edjamacation.

sunapeegirl said...

I'm not much of a biker but I'd say 6 miles in 20 minutes is pretty good! Great job on the brick!

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