Friday, March 05, 2010

Homemade Pizza Goodness

I've been living off the leftovers from this week's cooking challenge almost all week. That's a pretty impressive fact because normally I get bored with leftovers after a day. But leftover pizza, well that's just a different story.

All week long I've been craving comfort food, and homemade pizza was right up my alley.

Plus whole wheat crust was on sale at the grocery store this week. It was a win-win!

If you're using a premade crust, like I did, making pizza takes no more than 15 minutes.



Place crust on pizza sheet.

Smear with sauce.

Sprinkle on cheese.

Add toppings as you see fit. I was in the mood for something close to plain this week, so I just added some red pepper.

Then into the oven for 8 minutes and out comes warm bubbly pizza.

Cheaper than ordering and much healthier too!

I'm headed to NYC this weekend. My uncle is taking the BF and I to see Wicked. I'm super excited. It will be the BF's first time in NYC, which just blows my mind because I've been there a bunch of times to see shows or on field trips or to just spend a day in the city with my mom.

Have you ever been to NYC?


teacherwoman said...

Yumm... pizza!

Have a great weekend in NYC! I saw Wicked last year and thought it was pretty good!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

i've never been to NYC, but I really want to go sometime! Wicked is awesome, have lots of fun!

Lisa said...

makes me want pizza...

Meg said...

I haven't ever tried this whole wheat version. I can't wait to try it! Thanks.

Melissa said...

Yummy! I love doing that every now and then.

bill carter said...

Hi Jess

It is always nice to catch up with you. It sounds like everything is going well for you. Life is such an amazing adventure if you just grab hold of it and don't let is pass you by. BTW, looking at the pizza is making me hungry as I just finished up a nice 18 miler. I hear you on the whole running outside thing. I did my first outside run in probably 2 and half months this morning and it kicked my butt!

Take care and best of luck with everything!

Annette said...

Liking the homemade quick and easy pizza idea! I get so bored with cooking. It's always nice to be reminded of quick and easy ideas!

Susan said...

I make pizza bagels or English muffin pizzas when I need a quick, easy good!

Jonathan Rubin said...

We make this all the time. Some tips:
1. Rub some olive oil on the pizza crust first
2. Generic storebought ones are cheaper than Boboli, and often taste taste. We like Giant ones (they come 2 to a pack)
3. Good + easy toppings include: olives, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes.
4. After adding topping, put another layer of cheese! Why not?

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