Monday, July 20, 2009


I look like a raccoon. Except my face is red and white instead of black and white. I spend Saturday afternoon lounging around a friend's pool with my sunglasses on and now my face is fire engine red with big white circles around my eyes were my sunglasses were. My face hurts and I look ridiculous lol.

My face wasn't the only thing that roasted this weekend, I also got some nice red on my chest and shoulders. It was an epic fail on my part for not putting on sunscreen. BF and I were in such a hurry to get out the door and get to the pool that I didn't grab any. Major fail.

I'm sure I just compounded the problem on Sunday sitting out at BF's cousin's lax tournament. Oh wells, it was a fun weekend.


I also spent a good portion of the weekend helping the BF move out of his house. He and his friends had been renting his mom's old townhouse. His friends moved out months ago, but BF's been staying until the house goes on the market, which is this Thursday. So we loaded many boxes into his stepdad's truck and then unloaded them at his his mom's place. BF hasn't found a place to move yet. He's been looking but hasn't found anything great yet. So unless he finds a place by Thursday, he's going to be homeless.


I got a nice 8 miler in Saturday morning. Woke up nice and early and it was a pretty decent temperature with really low humidity. I felt pretty good and didn't really have any legs problems. It got a little tight around mile two, but I walked for a little bit and that seemed to help. Eight miles is the longest I've gone in awhile so I was happy about that. I mixed in walking every so often just to make sure the leg stayed loose and I didn't push it too hard, but for the most part things felt really good and I wasn't too sore afterward. I'm hoping to get three to five in tonight. I'm just going to play it by ear with how I feel after work.


Susan said...

Ouch! Gotta remember that sunscreen! I hope you lathered up with some aloe after.

I'm glad your legs weren't giving you any problems on your run.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

O, sister, this is the kind of post that needs to have pix! Hope you feel better!

Not gonna offer to let the BF stay with you till he finds a place? Hmmm ...

Good call. I wouldn't trust HAWT Emily around him either.

She's a maneater.

Wes said...

Gurllll... You are a runner. No excuse for not using sunscreen!! Tsk, tsk.... ;-)

Carolina John said...

yea got to slap yourself with the spf. or hit the treadmill.

good job on the 8 miles though! i ran 8 saturday too after i got back into town.

Jess said...

What? No pics of the coon-burn?

Marisa said...

good work on the 8 miles. what a fun distance. sorry to hear about the sunburn.

teacherwoman said...

no sunscreen?! WHAT?! OUCH!

Nice work on the 8 miles. :)

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

two words - sun.screen.

sorry - sunburns really hurt!

aron said...

ouch i hate getting sunburned!!! nice job on the 8 miler!

lindsay said...

i'm sure you are the hottest raccoon-face ever :) nice job on the 8-miler! hope work isn't interfering too much with some weekday runs.

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