Monday, June 08, 2009

In and Out

I'll be in and out all week, but mostly out because I'm at a suck-tastic week-long work training with zero access to the Internet. I'll try to catch up on blogs in the evenings when I'm not busy doing training homework (yes that's right, this training comes with homework and a project due at the end of the week....kill me now, didn't I finish school?)

I ran nine miles on Saturday, but my watch was MIA again so I don't have a time. I can't imagine it was very fast though, the hills kicked my bootay and I had to stop and walk a lot. Plus my legs were super exhausted from doing Jillian the night before.

And now my IT band is so knotted that I can actually see the bulging knotted muscle in my thigh. I'm assuming that's not good. I've stretched. I've Sticked. It's gotten a little better, but it's one stubborn mo-fo. 

I'm still on the fence on whether or not I'll get out for a run tonight. I'm wondering if it might be worth giving it another day of rest. We shall see how I feel in a bit I guess. 

Hope you all have awesome weeks. I'll do my best to stay caught up. Friday can't get here soon enough.


Susan said...

Homework?? Boo to that! I hope it doesn't run too much into life/running. The only good part about homework in school was that you weren't in class 40 hours/week so you had time to fit it in!

lindsay said...

...try to have fun? or at least i hope it's not completely sucktastic. hope a little extra rest gets your it band back to normal. i know the feeling on squeezing in blogging later in the evening, they'll still be waiting for you when this training business is over, no worries.

Carolina John said...

wow, that ITB knot sounds painful. Just do the exact opposite of whatever Glaven suggests to "rub that thing out" and you should heal up ok.

have fun at the training? at least maybe you got to go out of town someplace fun? Best of luck jess.

Jess said...

You gotta ice a knot like that!

aron said...

ekkk that training just sounds painful... good luck girl. hope the ITB gets its act together also.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Hey, did you know that if you read Carolina Cletus's comments out loud, they sound exactly like the mournful cries of a beached whale?

This kinda stands to reason because did you see that picture of him coming outta the water here?

That'll put you off ever having sex with MEN.

Or whales.

By the way, I expected a little more sex with men (or whales) in a post titled "In and Out".

Am I the only one?

Wes said...

LOL... too early in the morning... Yea, don't let that ITB thingee get the best of you. It's a pain, literally :-)

X-Country2 said...

Hills two days in a row is tough. Keep taking care of yourself.

RunToFinish said...

ugh my IT band is all bent out of shape too and it's really frustrating! I feel like I'm doing all the right things to recover...darn muscles anyhow.

sucktastic...I like the word!

Marisa Runs Boston said...

have you tried foam rolling? its so excruciating while you do it, but I've found that its the best thing. the stick you can be too easy on yourself. (or maybe thats just me? haha)

Jamie said...

oh that training sounds no fun. good luck getting through it and the homework!

Nitmos said...

Maybe you just have a super strong, over developed IT band in just that one little area, no? Eh, probably not. Get the stick.

teacherwoman said...

I know the stick is great, but dude, you've gotta try the foam roller! You won't be disappointed!

bill carter said...

HI Jess

Hope that IT band is behaving a little better this week. It is an interesting thing that after we graduate and think we are kind of done with the whole school thing, there is always something else to learn. I just had continuing education last weeek and felt like the whole world had changed.

Take care.

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