Monday, June 23, 2008

Doc. Appt. tomorrow

Well my doctor's appointment is tomorrow. It's been two weeks since my last test run that failed miserably so I know I'm going to need to try to get something in tonight or tomorrow morning so I have something to report back to the doc. (Because if I tell him I haven't run in two weeks and I don't know where things stand I don't think that will be very helpful to him)

Don't worry though, I'm not going to do anything crazy. I'm going to go nice and slow and easy and stop as soon as I feel anything. I just want to have some specifics about where it hurts and what kind of pain so I can give me an accurate description.

It does seem a little twisted though that I'm going to go try to make my knee hurt so I can tell the doc. so we can make it better.

I really have nothing to write about on the running front. I'd post another DC United video, but I don't want to make anyone feel old.

P.S. Marcy...those guys are either like 22, 23, or 24..older than me haha.


Wes said...

Good luck with your appointment. I hope its nothing serious :-)

Neese said...

best wishes with your appointment!

Marcy said...

Good luck with the appointment chica! Let us know how it goes!

Gawd you're such a youngin!! ;-) I forget how young some of you peeps are! I just need to get over the fact that I'm getting older . . .fast! :P

M*J*C said...

Good luck with the Dr. tomorrow! Thanks for the kind words on my first 10 mile run!!!

akshaye said...

Good luck with the doc appt. Hope everything goes well!

teacherwoman said...

I hope the dr. apt. goes well.. keep us posted.

Jess said...

Good luck with the appointment!

jahowie said...

I hope that your appointment went well today.

bill carter said...

Hi Jess

At least you will know what is going on and how to fix it. We are all chickens when we go to the doctor and some of us doctors are even chickens. What?? Sorry I just couldn't help myself..

Remember this... you have age on your side and I know you will be fine.

Best of luck.

J~Mom said...

I hope your appointment goes well!

Viv said...

I hope the appt goes well and they can pinpoint the issue.
I don't know about Marcy but I can always watch a couple cuties blab about sumfin..LOL!

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