Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Wayyyy too much yoga

Oh man today has definitely been a busy day...and it's not over yet. I have to teach another yoga class at 8:30 tonight. I've already taught Muscle Works and one Yoga class already today. And 8:30 is just late. I'm going to fall asleep by the end of it lol.

But I did get in my strength training for the week, which was awesome.

And I faced my first no sweets for the month of October challenge. On Wed. nights the Catholic Student Center on campus has free delicious dinners and also free delicious desserts and my friends and I always go...because food. And go me...I didn't have any of the many brownies or cookies that my friends did! Whooo hooo!!!!

Tomorrow is going to be the first reallllly challenging time to get in my workout. I have class all day again and then a journalism conference at night. So my plan is to do it in the morning, and I just talked to my roommate so we could work out the shower thing so that I can run and we can still both cram in showers so neither of us are late to'll be challenging, but I think we can make it work (at least I'm hopeful)

Friday I know I'm going to have to take my optional rest day for the week because I'm in the journalism conference from like 7 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon, then have to Metro home real fast and get ready for the soccer doubleheader....crazzzziness.

I'm so looking forward to this weekend so I can get a break from life haha!


Annette said...

You are the yoga queen, aren't you? :)

Good work on passing up those sweets! You're starting out strong!

teacherwoman said...

Tomorrow will be challenging for me as well. I have a meeting with other SPED teachers with margaritas after school, and then there is greys anatomy... I will probably have to do it in the AM!

J~mom said...

Way to pass up the sweets! I always have more trouble passing up stuff away from home!

jahowie said...

I'm exhausted just reading this!! Good luck to the Terps on the soccer!! :-)

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

I have no willpower. I usually try to convince myself that I'm saving others from the brownies that I eat.

Wes said...

I gave up beer :-) Well, alcohol in general. and I worked at the restaurant last night. On Wednesdays, I usually sit at the bar and swill beer all night. I passed the test, and will pass from Middle Earth :-)

scott keeps running said...

you are crazy with all the shiznit going on! CRAZY!!!! it's impressive.

i like free food too and i never never never pass up on free cookies or brownies so i don't know if i should congratulate you or ridicule you.

Joe said...

You're young. You'll survive! :-)

CollegeGirl said...

Oh man girl, I totally feel ya with the whole being busy thing. I think it great you teach classes, even being so young. It's a good way to get in your own personal workout!

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