Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Oh Poo!

I did something to my right calf. I'm not sure what, but it hurts really bad and it's really painful when I flex my foot. Thus walking is a little complicated. It started to bother me a bit yesterday when I woke up and at work.

I was able to teach yoga without a problem though and even though the stretching might help it out. But today it still hurts and it forced me to skip my lifting workout and my run. Major bummer.

It kind of feels like it did back in mid-Julyish when I was having a similar problem. I mean the only thing I could do then is to rest and stretch, and I guess that's my game plan for now. I'm bummed that I had to miss my lifting class. I was doing so well with going twice a week.

If the leg feels better tomorrow I can go then, but I'm not really thinking it's going to magically heal itself over night. So I guess I've just got to bide the time until it feels better. I don't want to push it and risk getting hurt....especially with two potential 5Ks on the horizon for two weeks from now.

But what really sucked today was walking to class. Class is 1 mile (no seriously I'm not exaggerating) from my apartment. (I would pick classes that are held in the building on the complete opposite side of campus from my apartment.) So hobbling too and from this morning was not a fun time haha.

Anyway, I must go to the grocery store now because I am in desperate need of milk!


Marcy said...

STINKY!!! I hope it starts feeling better for you! It doesn't sounds too pleasant :-(

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Oh crud! Injuries SUCK.

Jess said...

That sucks. Rest it, and I hope it feels better!

Wes said...

Stupid calf... I hear rolling the muscle helps, but definitely ice and ibuprofen :-) The cure for everything, kind of like rebooting the comptuer! LOL..

J~mom said...

Hope it feels better soon!! I hate that! Try ice, ibuporfen and roll! :>)

scott keeps running said...

i'll bring the milk if you provide the chocolate chip cookies.

hope the calfy feels better. milk and cookies should do the trick.

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