Thursday, August 30, 2007

Stupid Sore Throat Won't Go Away

Well the title of this post says it all. My stupid sore throat won't go away and I haven't felt well enough to run all week. This leaves me realllllly well off with my half-marathon coming up on Sunday.

It sucks and I'm fed up with it and I can't believe it hasn't gone away yet. I'm frustrated and as a result not even excited about the race anymore because I don't want to run feeling like this. I'm hoping that actually getting to Va. Beach tomorrow and going to the Expo and seeing everyone else be pumped will help lift my moods.

I'm also bumming because I'm going to miss the first football game of the season (which when I registered I didn't care about, but now do)

I need a serious attitude adjustment when it comes to this race and I hope that happens down there.

I leave tomorrow morning. Be back either Sunday or Monday, but most likely the latter.

Race report to come.


scott keeps running said...


this seems to be a bummy time of year for a lot of us. get better soon. hopefully you'll be well enough to run the race because i've been waiting all this time for some finish line photos. :)

Amy said...

The races that I didn't feel like doing were always the ones that suprised me the most (usually in a good way). You generally go into them more relaxed, with less pressure on yourself, and then just run to run. I bet you find more than one motivating moment along the way.

Take care of yourself,

miss petite america said...

do u know if it's strep or just a sore throat? i would go heavy on the TLC: gargling with warm salt water, etc. a lot can change in just 24 hours!

Wes said...

Have a great race! Go away stupid sore throat!!

Jess said...

Rest up, take some vitamins, and do your best!

Marcy said...

Uggghhhhh Rest up chica!! Relax and take care of yourself. Hopefully all that ails you will be gone soon enough :-)

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

I hope you fell better for the race.

Firefly's Running said...

I hope you feel better. Good luck!

scott keeps running said...


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