Thursday, June 22, 2006

Squeezing one in before the rain

Got this morning's run in right before it started to downpour like crazy. Literally about 10 minutes after I walked back inside it started raining. I wouldn't have minded some of that rain while I was still running because oh man was it humid. Hopefully this wonderful downpour will break the humidity because it has been unreal lately.

I had to walk again at the very end of my run. For whatever reason my legs were just exhausted and were like "We can't run anymore." It wasn't really a big deal, it was only about 5 minutes of walking tops, but still, I hate having to stop and walk.

So I've fallen in love with icebaths. Granted the initial shock of the freezing cold water isn't all that fun, but when I get out, my legs feel like I hadn't really run at all. I only have time to squeeze them in on Mondays and Saturdays though because I don't have time for them when I've got to get to work the other days. I highly recommend them to everyone, and I promise they aren't as bad as they sound.

Anyway, I'm off to get ready for work. Best of luck on all your runs today!

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teacherwoman said...

Okay, this may sound silly, but do you actually fill a bathtub with ice ... not just cold water? And how the heck to do you adjust to that...and for how long?

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